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Dr. Siddhant Jain is an Senior angiography specialist surgeon with a rich experience of more than 19 years in treating and examining the various types of angiography conditions of the heart. He did M.D. Medicine from MGM Indore & was awarded “Dr. Reddy Lab Gold Medal” for the best postgraduate student in Medicine & prestigious “Swami Pranavanand Medical Service Award ” for excellent patient service in MY group of hospitals.


He took the advanced training for the coronary angiography, angioplasty, stenting, Pacemaker & ICD implantations, device closures, valvuloplasties, EP Study and RF ablation of cardiac arrhythmias  & most of other cardiac diagnostic and interventional procedures. After learning the required skills he started working as a full time cardiologist at shalby hospital Janjeerwala square Indore as a cardiologist which includes different types of angiography procedures, and care of the heart. 

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Angiography is known as arteriogram or angiogram. It is basically a type of x-ray used to check the flow of heart and blood vessels. It is a procedure in which a special dye and fluoroscopic camera is injected to take the pictures and to know in which pattern the blood is flowing into the various parts of the body. This highlights your doctor to see the problems of the heart.  The x-ray used in angiography is known as angiograms. It checks the narrow, blocked arteries or veins including, heart, brain, legs, and more.

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